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VERUSHKA is a singer, songwriter, dj and producer based in London whose music is a refreshing blend of new-school jazz and soul soundscapes, conscious, honest lyrics and warm vocals.


A richness of music and a heritage of composition runs deep in her blood - Verushka’s Croatian mother brought her up in a house filled with Ella Fitzgerald and Stevie Wonder, telling stories of her grandfather’s gypsy ancestry and time spent playing violin in the Zagreb Philharmonic Orchestra.


A breathtaking singer and formidable composer, Verushka’s songwriting collapses a lifetime of London soundscapes into soul-moving, earthy compositions - moving fluidly through eras, genres, stories and emotions.


As resident artist in exclusive London venues including Soho House, Verushka and her collective of musicians let loose grooves from soul, jazz and hip hop, her time-stopping voice exploring space between the sweet and sultry.


Verushka’s many on-stage and in-studio collaborators know her as a respected co-writer. Recording sessions and live performances philosophise on life - exploring the universal truths of our desires and laying down warm and intricate musical arrangements.


Drawing constant inspiration from the now, Verushka’s sound is open always to new experiences and opportunities to be heard. Contact her at for bookings and collaborations.

Words by Anna Herber

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