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Verushka/Octagon London Let It Come Remix Competition

Info and Terms And Conditions


  • The competition is set to close on 17th January 2021 but Verushka and Octagon may extend the competition if deemed appropriate.

  • The stems provided are for use as part of this competition only, and permission is not granted for them to be used as part of any other public release.

  • The winner will get half a day in Studio 3 at Octagon London. Exact day and time will need to be worked out depending on availability.

  • For anyone who’d like to enter but lives outside of London or the UK or won't be able to access Octagon London for other reasons, you will instead win a remote working session with me and Alex on work of your choosing, including the option for Verushka to record vocals on one of your tracks.

  • If the winner’s remix is chosen to be included in Verushka’s upcoming remix EP, it will be released via Verushka’s distributor (State 51) and the winner will receive a 50% split of the writing royalties. The winner’s name will be credited and the track will be promoted as much as possible. We will also ask the winner to promote the track to the best of their ability.

  • We may ask to work with the winner on their track to ensure it meets the quality of the rest of the release. In the unlikely event that we do not receive a track that is suitable for the EP, the winner will still receive a half day at Octagon London and their artist profile and track will be promoted across Verushka’s socials, but their track will not be featured on Verushka’s upcoming remix EP.

  • The costs of mastering the track for Verushka’s release will be covered by Verushka.

  • Do not use any samples/recordings that you don’t have the full rights to. All samples must be royalty free or your track won’t qualify.

  • You must be at least 18 years of age to enter.

  • By entering this competition, the entrant is indicating his/her/their agreement to be bound by the terms and conditions set forth in this document.


  • To submit a track, upload it to Soundcloud or Bandcamp (or a platform of your choice) and make sure it is set to private. Then, head to and use the contact form to send Verushka a link to listen to the track.

  • The winner will be chosen by Verushka and Alex Klein.

  • If you have any questions, please email




Good luck and thank you!

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